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Affordable Metal Roofing | Best Cheap Metal Roofing Prices

Affordable Metal Roofing by Affordable Metal Roofing Contractors offer a stronger metal roof and best cheap metal roofing contractor prices 800-303-3309 Hiring our affordable metal roof contractors with low-cost and cheap metal roofing prices means you don’t sacrifice product and installation quality. We can offer a more affordable price because we fabricate our own metal roofing panels and accessors instead of ordering them from distributors. We can install 26-gauge metal panels, 24-gauge metal panels, and the heavier 22-gauge metal roofing panels. and most often our prices and metal roofing are very affordable when compared to our competitors. A 24-gauge metal roof is stronger and thicker than a 26-gauge roofing panel so we normally recommend 26 and 24-gauge over the thinner 29-gauge metal roof. We can often install a 26-gauge metal roof with hidden fasteners for the same price other contractor quote for a thinner 29-gauge metal roof. When comparing prices, it’s important to make sure other contractors taking off the old roof and using equal products. We like to install standing seam metal roofing panels where the screws or fasteners are protected between and under the metal roofing panels. By hiding the screw and not allowing them to be exposed the elements, they will last longer with far less maintenance years down the road like an exposed fastener metal roof would when applicable. Unlike many low-cost metal roofing contractors, we don’t believe in installing 29-gauge metal roofing panels because they are too thin. We know that thin metal roofs (29-gauge metal roofing panels) are inferior from the start and add exposed screws/fasteners you will have more problems sooner down the road. There are several things you need to keep in mind when hiring a metal roofing company other than checking for a roofing license and proof of insurance. If you are looking to replace an existing shingle roof you need to remove all existing shingles and underlayment. It’s important to remove all of the old roofing system to evaluate every inch of the roofing deck to see if it has been compromised. Often metal roofers preform a “roof-over” which means placing a good roof-over a bad roof. In many cases a roof-over can void a roofing system warranty. Often the weakest part of a roof can be the wooden deck that can be compromised by age and/or water damage from the old roofing system once over it. Sometimes unlicensed roofing companies hide or short-cut issues that do not meet new local or state roofing codes. Many “affordable metal roofing companies” cut cost by installing a less than professional roof that can cost you more in the long-run. As a property owner, if you don’t know that roof-over is then you wouldn’t know that this roofing practice is not recommended by true metal roofing professionals. If a metal roofing company ever advertises that metal roofing vs shingle roofs are the same price, we advise you to contact our affordable metal roofing contractor. We do sale and install shingle and if they are telling you that shingles are the same price you need give us a call. Another thing for metal roofing buyers to do is stay away from the cheapest metal roofing panel available which is 29-gauge metal roofing. The higher the gauge the thinner the metal, weird right. We recommend a 26-gauge or 24-gage metal roofing panel to give you a thicker and stronger metal roofing system.
Keep in mind that your metal roof is held down by screws and the heavier the metal the stronger the point surrounding the screw. We are not only affordable but we also install a peel and stick underlayment system to give your metal roof a secondary water barrier. When you are ready for the best metal roofing system for the best cheap metal roofing contractor prices give us a call at 800-303-3309.

Affordable Metal Roof Prices and Affordable Shingle Roof Prices

If you don’t want to purchase an affordable metal roof, you will want affordable and cheap shingle roofing prices 000-000-0000. Most people are unfamiliar with metal roofing but understand the they can be a stronger roofing system over shingle roofing. It’s not unusual for those inquiring about metal roofs to decide to go with shingle roof for one reason or another. Should you elect to go with a shingle roof we are able to handle your single roofing needs. If a homeowner, condo associations or HOA bylaws keep you from installing an affordable metal roof we can help you with an affordable shingle roof. You want to know the metal roofing prices with the pros and cons of a metal roofing vs shingle roofing. We don’t only sell and install affordable metal roofing but we also sell the best affordable shingle roofing as well. Some property owners have us visit their homes or business to learn of a shingle alternative like a metal roofing. Regardless of your choice we are professional roofing installers and will serve your roofing needs as required. It’s nice to know that if you should elect to stay with a shingle roof, that we also sell and install the best affordable shingle roofing. Metal roofing has been around for a very long time but it has been more and more popular so people want to know more about them, it’s nice to get the metal roof pros and cons and shingle roof pros and cons depending on your individual property and financial needs. We are here for your affordable metal roofing or affordable shingle roofing needs with the best cheap roofing contractor prices 000-000-0000.

Best Affordable/Cheap Commercial Metal Roofing Contractor Prices

We offer affordable and cheap commercial metal roofing prices with the strongest quality metal panels and no short cut installations 800-303-3309. Commercial metal roofing needs to be heavy and strong enough to protect your business and inventory under roof. Out 24-gauge is standard for our residential metal roofs and it’s good enough for commercial metal roofing systems as well. We offer affordable commercial metal roofing prices for your business property roofing project. A superior metal product, installation and low-cost commercial metal roofing contractor prices is what makes us the best affordable commercial metal roofing contractors for you 800-303-3309.